I'm a member of the Lab-STICC. I'm involved in the Cheddar research project. My main concerns are Model Driven Engineering and agile modeling. I'm also involved in the Pharo project. 

My research activities are about domain specific tools design and implementation for complex systems. The main goal is to develop very specific tools that ease the design, the verification and the validation of complex systems. 

I'm the leader of Platypus project. We are developing an MDE environment based on the use of the STEP Standards (ISO 10303) within a Smalltalk system.

We use a Smalltalk system for the verification and the validation of domain meta-models. Thanks to Smalltalk, we benefit from executable domain meta-models at a high level of abstraction.

Meta-models entities and domain rules can be specified with EXPRESS, a statically typed data modeling language. An EXPRESS representation is optional. It makes it possible the implementation of specific type checkers and of code generators to enforce domain meta-model verification and to translate conforming models.

Main Projects

  • Cheddar project in partnership with  ELLIDISS Technologies, we use Platypus for the re-engineering of Cheddar implementation.
  • Europeen project Morpheus with the  A&S research team of the Lab-SticcPlatypus was used for the design and implementation of the MADEO tool and to allow physical design interoperability.